Research Marketing

Germany is home to some of the world's best researchers and Kiel is a leader in the field of marine science research. Every year, country wide, more money is invested in research and development in Germany than in any other European country.


Our research marketing efforts aim to provide information and function as a contact point for all looking to find out more about the research landscape and latest research achievements in Germany and in the Future Ocean Cluster. Our goal is to attract the best and brightest marine scientists to Kiel, to share marine science knowledge generated in Kiel with the global marine science community and to raise awareness for marine research by reaching out to the general public.

To this end we organize conferences and symposia on current topics in marine science in Kiel and abroad with our international partners, exhibit at conferences and contribute to publications for the general public such as the World Ocean Review and the Ocean Atlas.

AGU Fall Meeting 2017
12 - 16 Dec., 2017, New Orleans

Ocean Sciences 2018
Feb. 11 - 16, 2018, Portland, USA

EGU General Assembly 2018
8 - 13 April 2018, Vienna