Davis DSHIP Landsystem

Field of research: Data Management

Institution: KDMT, Data Management, KDMT
Contact: Dr. Carsten Schirnick
Location: ZE Data- and Computing Center, Room 20-072

The Kiel Data Mangement Team (KDMT) is a joined group of GEOMAR, cluster of excellence Future Ocean, SFB 574 and SFB 754. Our aim is to provide ONE place for all marine sciences in Kiel for data description, data storage and data archiving, independent of project status but specific restrictions for each project. This system is aimed at preparing data for paper publication, data exchange inside a project and data publication.

Our system consists of a portal (portal.geomar.de), providing access to several projects with personal password. The portal offers document exchange, common or individual blogs and for a and implementation of external webpages and -services. Moreover, you can access the expedition database, that organizes data description and exchange of cruises and expeditions for each project. Expeditions are linked to KML-files (Google-Earth compatible), allowing a visualization of all stations of a cruise/expedition.


Data Management