Citizen Science-Projects

Future Ocean-Projects with public participation

Collect, classify, observe – in Citizen Science Projects, laypeople are involved in scientific projects and often contribute significantly in finding solutions to research questions. For this reason, the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" supports different projects in which interested citizens and/or school students and their teachers have the possibility to actively engage in current research.


In particular, projects that require the collection of large data sets with spatial scales and time scales pose a huge challenge to scientists in regard to capacities, personnel and time. Therefore, scientific participation of citizens in Citizen Science Projects provides a solution from which both citizens as well as scientists profit. Whether during waste collection, while comparing images of plankton or taking photos of findings from the beach – everybody has the possibility to support the work of scientists and thus create new knowledge. In this way, interested people gain insights into scientific standards, current research topics and can strengthen their understanding of science.