International Cooperation

Strengthening International Cooperation

"Ocean Horizons" is our flag ship activity to promote international cooperation, knowledge exchange and scientific capacity building. The main objective of international cooperation in"Future Ocean" is to attract the best and brightest scientific minds to Kiel and to bind them to Kiel Marine Sciences. Contact with other researchers and institutions forges new ideas. The broader the experience of our scientists, the higher the innovation potential and competitiveness of Kiel Marine Science will be. We are always carefully expanding our established partnerships with institutes in Europe and abroad and our engagement in international projects. In the field of capacity building we engage in non-OECD countries, most strongly in Cape Verde, and host the UNESCO Chair for Integrated Marine Sciences.


Institutional partnerships can serve to support scientists in exchange with partner universities and institutes, encourage mobility for early career researchers, and assist in planning and carrying out joint research programs.

With the partners mentioned above we are developing new instruments for joint projects and initiatives to deepen the cooperation and explore new fields of common interest to achieve our aim of internationally visible integrated marine science. Such activities include opportunities for scientific exchange, joint financing of small projects or case studies, as well as joint symposia and conferences.