School Programs

The network "Future Ocean" offers school programs for interested pupils, teachers as well as scientists. These are the main points of our work.


General information

The school programs are designed to acquaint pupils with natural sciences and trigger their fascination using Marine Sciences as an example. The students are introduced to current research through the lectures of the Kids' and Students' University on the one hand and through projects and practical work which brings them into direct contact with scientists, on the other. The main focus is on the students' active project work in research institutes, at school and sometimes at sea. Their work is linked to the research projects of the mentoring scientists as far as possible. This program mainly adresses secondary school students but also younger pupils. It is the program's aim to enhance the students' interest in natural sciences as well as to support interdisciplinary thinking. In addition, pupils are to learn more about methods and techniques. This offers them the opportunity to find out whether a career in natural sciences are appealing options.

The school program is a cooperation of marine sciences and schools from the Kiel area. The program includes school assignments, lectures, teacher training, trips on scientific research vessels with school groups as well as the development of course materials and public relations.

School program:

  • Ten partner schools
  • Boxes of books dealing with marine sciences (in German)
  • Students of various schools are referred to scientists of the network 'Future Ocean'
  • Some pupils and teachers are given the opportunity to spend a day on scientific research vessels
  • Enrichment courses for gifted students in cooperation with the Department of Education Schleswig-Holstein
  • Development and procurement of five expedition boxes for schools: climate change, marine chemistry, plankton (and acidification), benthos (and invasive species), hydrology