Transfer of Technology and Ideas

Knowledge transfer on the way to transdisciplinarity

The area of knowledge transfer of the Future Ocean Network deals with the task of communicating, discussing, jointly developing and implementing knowledge, ideas and technologies between research, business, politics and civil society.


Linking the various actors can provide solutions to existing and future challenges that affect us all. Through an even greater involvement of the increasingly science-based economy, the network is making a contribution to sustainably securing its innovative performance and competitiveness. In addition, politics, decision-makers and society are enabled to participate in the entire research process (transdisciplinary research). One means of doing this, for example, are effective research collaborations between commercial enterprises, public institutions and scientific institutions, which are realized by the Future Ocean Network." Requests from companies to support their internal processes (e.g. search for scientific cooperation partners and network events) are also recorded and answered.

An important concern of the Knowledge Exchange is the steering of stakeholder dialogues. Stakeholders are all those who have an interest in the ocean, are directly or indirectly influenced by it, or influence it. Thus, not only companies from the economy or politics, but also basically every member of society or in the wider sense, even subsequent generations are addressed.

The Future Ocean Network comes into contact with the various interest groups, coordinates the development of common strategies and enables participation in problem solving. Further instruments of knowledge transfer are an expert database, brokerage of cooperations, the planning and implementation of series of events with a broad range of topics. The activities of technology transfer are therefore embedded in the already existing network of Kiel University, other research institutions, trade and industry.

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Patents / Innovation Scouts:
An important instrument of technology transfer are patents. They protect new inventions. In the excellent exploitation of excellent research results, the scientists are supported by the innovation scouts located at the technology transfer department.

Start-up / Center for Entrepreneurship:
Starting a business is an important step, and it is important to work with the right people at the right time. Kiel University supports start-ups with their Center for Entrepreneurship.