Offers for young scientists

Target group oriented offers to improve gender equality

Future Ocean is committed to promoting the awareness of gender equality issues amongst its members and to actively improving equal opportunities between female and male scientist. Especially for female researchers in non-permanent positions specific measures are developed to support their individual career development.


Measures for female doctoral students (ISOS)

Two yearly alternating workshops for female PhD students are on offer:

  • The Workshop in German “Das Ruder fest in die Hand nehmen - Take over at the helm” examines tools of self-marketing and communication with an emphasis on gender-specific structures and hands-on modes of positive action. Early career women can acquire gender-aware pro-active behaviour in the University context and form a support network.
  • The workshop “Reality Check: Can I have it all?” was developed on the basis of a public discussion sparked by Ann-Marie Slaughter’s essay “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”. The course aims at identifying personal career goals after the PhD and checking them against personal needs instead of predefined role models.

In addition to both workshops, individual coaching is offered to cover individual questions following the seminars.

Measures for female postdoctoral researchers (IMAP)
Different measures are offered to female postdoctoral researches in non-permanent positions:

  • The mentoring programme via:mento_ocean is targeted at female postdoctoral researchers who are continuing their scientific career after PhD, aiming at a leadership position in science or academia. The programme started with 10 participants in July 2013.
  • Accompanying the individual mentoring relationships under the framework of via:mento_ocean soft skills workshops supporting the career development in science are offered to all female IMAP members.
  • Female postdoctoral researchers can take up an individual coaching process with a professional coach. The coaching process will, amongst other topics of individual need, emphasise gender specific aspects of successful academic careers.

Workshops to raise the overall awareness of gender related issues in the Future Ocean will be offered to both female and male scientists involved in the Cluster of Excellence, especially researchers on the postdoctoral level and principal investigators.