New schoolbook "Abenteuer Weltmeere" brings the ocean in the classroom

In „Abenteuer Weltmeere“ researchers from the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean" and teachers from around Kiel explain scientific contexts on the example of the oceans to students of the 9th and 10th grade.


How will this change the oceans and what causes the changes? What drives the ocean currents to? Why is the sea the biggest carbon store? – These are only some of the questions, that oceanographers and teachers are analyzing and to which they have developed interesting experiments and easy-to-understand texts for use in the classroom.

"Physical laws can be explained very graphically on the example of the ocean currents, there is also the benthic ecosystem in the sea. There are so many fascinating topics in the marine sciences, which we take up in the schoolbook.", states Dr. Katrin Knickmeier from the Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean" and initiator of "Abenteuer Weltmeere". "With the textbook we want to integrate the oceans into the classes and offer a new perspective to the natural sciences to the students."

The schoolbook covers various topics from the Geography and Geology of the oceans, chemical, physical and biological Oceanography to global warming, sea level rise and coastal protection. It is about plate tectonics, the global carbon cycle just as measurement methods in the Oceanography and invasive species.

"The textbook fills a gap in the scientific education", says Dr. Reimert Neuhaus, geography and biology teacher in the integrated comprehensive school Kiel-Friedrichsort (IGF) and co-author of the chapter on Geography and Geology of the oceans. "It does not only provide multidisciplinary starting-points of the current research for the pupils, but will also fill the pupils with enthusiasm for science subjects."

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The authors of the schoolbook „Abenteuer Weltmeere“

Geography and Geology of the oceans
Prof. Sebastian Krastel (GEOMAR), Dr. Reimert Neuhaus (IGF Friedrichsort, Kiel), Prof. Lorenz Schwark (Institute for Geosciences /CAU Kiel), Stefan Tiemann (Freie Waldorfschule Kiel)

Physical Oceanography
Dr. Stefan Theisen (Freie Waldorfschule, Kiel), Prof. Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR)

Chemical Oceanography
Bernd Blume (Isarnho Schule, Gettdorf ), Professor Arne Körtzinger (GEOMAR)

Biological oceanography
Dr. Katrin Knickmeier (Ozean der Zukunft), Charlotte Lohse (Heisenberg-Gymnasium, Hamburg ), Prof. Ulrich Sommer (GEOMAR)

Global warming, sea level rise, coastal protection
Dr. Reimert Neuhaus (IGF Friedrichsort, Kiel), Prof. Horst Sterr (Geographical Institute)


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School Programs Cluster of Excellence "Future Ocean",
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