The Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW)

The Kiel Institute is a major center for

  • global economic research,
  • economic policy advice, and
  • economic education.

The Institute's key focus is on researching innovative solutions to pressing problems affecting the global economy. Using this research as a basis, it advises decision-makers in the political, business, and societal arenas while also informing the general public about important economic issues.


As a gateway to research on global economic matters, the Kiel Institute maintains an extensive network of national and international experts, whose work feeds directly or indirectly into the Institute's research and advisory activity.

Another key area is training and education in economics, including the Institute's Advanced Studies Program in International Economic Policy Research. The Kiel Institute co-operates closely with the with the world's largest library in the economic and social sciences.

More information on the IfW can be accessed here.