Science Mobility

International mobility has become increasingly important for a successful research career in the marine sciences. And, whereas international scientific experience offers many career-related benefits, it also may involve many challenges.


The Cluster offers services to assist scientists in overcoming the obstacles to international science mobility including offering tips on possible funding sources, dealing with the logistics of moving, finding a foreign lab, getting funding, applying for a visa or finding a school for their children. In this way we build strong bonds with our scientists while they are here so they have an incentive to keep in touch when they move on.

For Cluster members we offer financial incentives to go abroad (travel grants for international conferences and collaborations) and alumni services when they move on from Kiel. Overall, we try to help scientists maximize the benefits of mobility while minimizing the challenges.

Welcome Services:

In cooperation with the International Center at Kiel University we offer a variety of welcome services including

  • Information for newcomers regarding visa requirements, bank accounts, schools, registration, etc.
  • University housing for short term visitors
  • University housing for the early part of long term stays
  • Bicycles to borrow
  • Peer matching (a local contact person from the same country/area)

Lab Exchange

Postdoc members of IMAP can apply for funding for lab visits. More information

Travel Support

Cluster members can apply for travel support to attend conferences, workshops and for collaboration visits.
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Guest Support

Cluster members can apply for support to invited guests to Kiel for talks, conferences, workshops and/or collaboration.
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Funding Opportunities

Other funding opportunities for members can be found here:
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Flyer "25 ways to finance your road to the Future Ocean"

Research Alumni
International scientists are important ambassadors for promoting a university or research institute where they themselves have done research. Up to now researchers have often played a lesser role in existing alumni networks. In the Future Ocean Research Alumni Network we keep in touch with scientists who have spent more than three months researching in the Cluster and engage them as multipliers for international PhD and postdoc calls, as mentors for early career researchers, as partners for joint international projects and to strengthen international partnerships and to attract early career marine scientists to Kiel.
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