Semester topic “Sustainable Fisheries”

During the summer semester of 2012, the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” will be focusing on sustainable fisheries. How can the ocean’s resources be used sustainably? What will fisheries management concepts of the future look like? These are only a few of the questions that experts from the areas of population biology, ecology, economics, coastal research, international law and mathematics are working on together.



One focus point of the interdisciplinary fisheries research in Kiel is the development of age-structured, ecologic and economic multi- species models . The first papers concentrate on the Baltic as an ecosystem with the commercially important fish species cod, herring, and sprat. The goal of these models is to portray the consequences of species’ interaction and the fisheries system including prices and costs according to an ideal strategy of use.

News on the topic of sustainable fisheries

Summary of “sustainable fisheries” semester activities (pdf)

Article on sustainable fisheries management in the annual report 2011/2012 (p. 12-13)

WOR 2 "The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future"

Online database Fishbase

Fishbase is an online database with information and pictures of over 32,100 fish species. In addition to offering information on the maximum size and age of the fish as well as their range, Fishbase tries to gather information from scientific publications. Fishbase also provides toolboxes with which the data obtained can be analysed.



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