Research Facilities

The Information and Instrumentation Unit (IIU) is part of the Kiel Academy of Interdisciplinary Marine Sciences (KAIMS) which has been newly established as a roof for marine science and associated fields within CAU and GEOMAR.


The IIU web portal intends to support the interdisciplinary research within KAIMS. It provides information about the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" infra structure, i.e. all instrumentation that is available within the cluster.

Items are listed along with functionality, affiliation, location and contact data. Scientists can watch the whole instrument list (to get an overview) or find devices of interest by research fields or key words, respectively.

Webpage with the Instrumentation


Anand Srivastav Representative Research Platforms Tel.: +49 431 880-7252
Martin Frank Representative Research Platforms Tel.: +49 431 600-2218
Ralph R. Schneider Co-Spokesperson Tel.: +49 431 880-3030