Gender News

Future Ocean participated in EGU sessions on equal opportunities and collaborative research management

10. May 2016

The strategies to promote gender equality in marine sciences in Kiel were presented during the EGUs general assembly. Ruth Kamm gave a talk on the achievements of the Future Ocean and the SFB 754 in a session on equal opportunities. The session also …

via:mento_ocean – Workshop Career Planning after the PhD

10. February 2016

The nine participants of the via:mento_ocean career planning workshop on February 18-19 agreed on one thing: The career path after the doctorate in the marine sciences cannot be completely planned. But those who pursue a scientific career can be …

Women in Cutting Edge Research – Gender Equality in the Excellence Initiative

10. January 2016

The final report of the research project "Women in cutting edge research. An investigation into implementing gender equality in the German Excellence Initiative." by Anita Engels and her team from Hamburg University was published at the end of 2015. …