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Rüdiger Schulz

Kiel University (CAU)
Botanical Institute

Representative Intern. Coop. and Knowledge Transfer

Research area

  • Biotechnological screening of microalgal strains   Bioenergy: Biohydrogen from cyanobacteria and green algae: Metabolism, biotechnological hydrogen production, and molecular biology and biochemistry of hydrogenases. - Bioenergy and bioproducts: Screening of microalgae for biotechnological and bioenergetical improvement. - Bioenergy and bioproducts: Culture of microalgae and harvesting of phytoplankton in/from marine environments. - Climate change: Use of microalgae for CO2-uptake and biomass production. - Biodiversity: Molecular analysis of phytoplankton from marine, fresh water and terrestrial habitats.


Tel.: +49 431 880-4226

Research activities

Experimental evolution going wild