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Wilhelm Hasselbring

Kiel University (CAU)
Department of Computer Science

Research area

  • (Numerical Simulation and Data Management)  - software engineering for parallel and distributed systems.
    More specific: software performance engineering, grid and cloud computing, workflow management systems, research data management, software architecture, model-driven software engineering, software runtime monitoring, dynamic analysis of software systems.
  • My major research and teaching interests are in Software Engineering with an emphasis on
    - Software system quality such as availability, reliability, and performance
    - Software architecture design and evaluation,
    - Distributed systems, particularly fault-tolerance, runtime reconfiguration and monitoring
    - Component-based software development and Enterprise Application Integration
    - Middleware for grid, cloud and enterprise systems  Computer scnience: Big data stream processing für continous insitu measurements of hydrographic parameters


Tel.: +49 431 880-4664