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Jörn Schmidt

Kiel University (CAU)
Department of Economics

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Research area

  • What is overfishing?


The overarching goal of my current personal project is the use of interdisciplinary approaches, integrating natural science, social science and arts, and transdicsciplinary approaches, expanding the peer review group to stakeholders and the general public, to improve the understanding of maritime systems, with a focus on fisheries. This includes integrated ecological-economic modelling, social network analysis and exploring the possibilities of games for education and stakeholder participation. I already co-developed a game on the common pool problem in fisheries, the ecoOcean game ( and


Tel.: +49 431 880-5632

Research activities

From Heiligenhafen to New York and back - Transdiciplinary research for better fisheries governance

Marine Spatial Planning Game

Autonomous Fish Echosounding – or How Combining High‐Tech Oceanography, Hydroacoustics and Citizen Science

Crowd Science from Coast to Coast

Adding fuel to the fish: Perceptions and adaptability of Nigerian fisherfolk to impacts from climate change and petroleum production