Field of research:

Institution: Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Institute of Geosciences, Sedimentology, Shelf Geology
Contact: Dr. Jan Scholten
Location: Leibniz Laboratory for Radiometric Dating and Stable Isotope Research

Two high-purity Germanium detectors (CANBERRA BE3830P) are available for the measurement of natural (e.g. 210Pb, 234Th, 226Ra, 228Ra) and anthropogenic (e.g. 137Cs, 241Am) radionuclides. These radionuclides are mainly used in coastal environmental science for age dating of marine deposits and quantification of submarine groundwater discharge (Research topic Dangerous Ocean). A software (ScienTissiMe) is used for the evaluation of the gamma spectra and to construct age dating models based on the 210Pb; 226Ra and 137Cs distribution in sediment cores.