cw-IR-OPO Laser System

Field of research:

Institution: Christian-Albrechts University Kiel, Institute of Physical Chemistry (Department of Chemistry), Ocean Surface Chemistry / Reaction Kinetics
Contact: Prof. Dr. Gernot Friedrichs


Tunable continuous-wave single resonant optical parametric oscillator (cw-SR-OPO, Lockheed-Martin Aculight Argos 2400-SF Modules C/D) pumped by 10 W of a fiber-amplified (IPG Photonics; YAR series) Yb-doped DFB fiber laser (NKT Photonics; Koheras Adjustik) operated at 1064 nm. Michelson type wavemeter (Bristol Instruments; Model 621A-IR).

Technical Data

Wide tunability:  = 1.38 – 1.60 m & 3.2 – 4.6 m, narrow spectral bandwidth:  < 60 kHz @ t = 500 s, high output power: P = 1.8 W @  = 3.3 m.


robust turn-key laser system, easy tunability over up to 100 GHz, coarse tuning needs manual control, wavelength can be measured with an accuracy of 0.2 ppm (i.e., 0.0006 cm­-1 or 18 MHz at 3.3 m).


Light source for high-resolution spectroscopy in the infrared and near-infrared spectral range. Development of absorption based sensitive trace gas analyzers.


high power infrared laser, high resolution spectroscopy