The Day of German Unity 2013

“Where is the deepest point of the ocean?” and “Which fish can I eat with a good conscience?” were the most frequently asked questions during the exhibition “Explore the Ocean” on the occasion of the Day of German Unity in Stuttgart.


At the ‘Ländermeile’, a group of booths with presentations from the different German states, in the heart of the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg, the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” presented itself for the sixth time in the tent of the state of Schleswig-Holstein with exciting insights into the deep sea.

A relief globe and Kiel’s world relief, models, original devices, interactive games, samples from the deep sea and texts on banners explained the topics of the exhibition, such as plate tectonics, fisheries, ocean acidification, climate change, volcanism and also resources from the deep sea.

Apart from comments on the exhibition, visitors also had the possibility to note down questions in the guest book which could not be answered right away. The answers to these questions will be published on the blog platform of Kiel’s marine sciences,, in the upcoming weeks.