Interconnected Nature– Biodiversity research presented at the DFG

How does the diversity of organisms develop? How do ecosystems function and what will happen if – for example through the extinction of species or climate change – the balance between these systems is disturbed?


From November 19th, 2013 to January 31st, 2014, the exhibition on biodiversity research provided answers to these questions. The exhibition examined the processes and interactions in ecosystems and dealt with the question which impact global change and human pressure have on highly complex structures. With the question “How are the seas developing?”, the Cluster of Excellence illustrated the reaction of marine organisms to the expected acidification of ocean water using coccolithophorids as a model. Three codfish caught the visitors’ interest to deal more closely with question “How does human use influence the development of species?”. And using the cold coral reefs lophelia as a model, the impacts climate change on the ecosystem were discussed.
Image: Jan Schumacher