20. September 2013 Kiel Scientists Enter the Blogosphere!

"Oceanblogs" Portal of "The Future Ocean" and GEOMAR goes online

As of this Friday, the online world of marine science has gained a substantive resource: The blog portal "oceanblogs" (www.oceanblogs.org) provides new insights into the broad range of ocean and coastal research in Kiel and around the world. On this new web portal of the Kiel Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, marine scientists from Kiel report of their ongoing research in the format of an electronic diary. Piece by piece, the result is a comprehensive collection of marine scientific expertise which serves as an exchange between scientists and a dialogue with society


Joint press release of the Kiel Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" and GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel:

With the official launch of the blog portal www.oceanblogs.org on September 20, a wide variety of articles from different research fields and activities of Kiel marine research will be presented under one virtual roof. From research projects, study opportunities for young scientists to expedition reports, the ocean will be viewed from many different perspectives. In addition to the familiar press releases of the Public Relations Department, this blog portal will add a new quality to the media coverage of Kiel scientists. Friederike Balzereit, the Head of Public Relations of the Center of Excellence, explained: "Oceanblogs allows us to utilize the possibilities Web 2.0 has to offer to address new and younger target groups, and we also hope for a stronger international visibility."

More and more scientists, with the support of the public relations team of "The Future Ocean" and GEOMAR, establish their own academic blogs under the umbrella of "oceanblogs", thereby providing a growing and diverse marine science online community. An important aspect of the new approach is also its openness: The general public is invited to seek an eye-to-eye exchange with the marine experts. "oceanblogs.org" thus gives citizens the opportunity to get in direct contact with the researchers which – hopefully – will result in a lively exchange between science and society in the future, emphasizing the relevance of marine scientific research and setting new impulses for research. Orientation and assistance in joining the world of marine research may be obtained from the public relations team in the "Ocean Navigator Blog".

The interaction of science and society will add new and valuable aspects to the marine scientific debate. Be there: www.oceanblogs.org  

Please note: For the time being, the oceanblog will be published in German only

www.geomar.de GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
www.ozean-der-zukunft.de The Kiel Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean"
www.oceanblogs.org/oceannavigator The first joint blog of GEOMAR and "The Future Ocean"


Christian Urban (Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean", Public Relation), +49-431-880-3031

Jan Steffen (GEOMAR, Communication and Media), +49-431-600-2811