20. October 2015 Ralph W. Marsden Award for GEOMAR Geologist

The Society of Economic Geologists honors Prof. Dr. Mark Hannington

How do mineral resource deposits form in the deep ocean? How large are these deposits? Will large scale deep-sea mining ever be economically sensible? These are the global questions Prof. Dr. Mark Hannington is working on.


The geologist of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is one of the world's most renowned experts on the subject of ore deposits on the ocean floor. In addition to his research, he is also active in international committees and scientific associations. For this commitment the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) has now awarded the Ralph W. Marsden Award to Professor Hannington. He received the award during the SEG Annual Congress in Hobart (Tasmania).

The SEG was founded in 1920 and has more than 7000 members worldwide. It aims to promote interest in geology and geosciences at the intersection between basic research and commercial application.