01. December 2017 via:mento_ocean ventures out

In November 2017 via:mento_ocean was presented at the international conference eument-net in Prague. The aim of the conference was to discuss and find possibilities of international and interdisciplinary collaboration among academic mentoring programs and academic institutions as well as to reflect on mentoring as a career development tool for women and other underrepresented groups in research and academia. Mentoring program coordinators from Germany, Switzerland, Czechia, Italy and Belgium took part in the conference.


Marta Chiarinotti, the coordinator of the mentoring program via:mento_ocean, took part in the conference and evaluated the eument-net conference positively. "Sitting together and exchanging experiences about mentoring programs in the different countries is a great way to develop new ideas. I'm back in Kiel with new inputs for via:mento_ocean," she said. During the conference it was also interesting to notice, that the flexibility of via:mento_ocean has a fixed structure, which is one of the positive aspects of the program: This has allowed the adaptation the program to the specific needs of the mentees, making every via:mento_ocean cycle different and unique.

For more information see: http://eumentnetconference.eu


Marta Chiarinotti, E-Mail: mchiarinotti@gb.uni-kiel.de