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Kevin Köser

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel


I am working on underwater machine vision for (deep) sea environments and processes. The ultimate goal is to let the computer watch and understand the hours and hours of photos and video recorded by ROV, AUV, lander or towed camera systems and extract information in a similar way as humans do, or directly use the camera as a measurement device. Applications include semantic maps with different grain size classes, bacteria mats,... or 3D models for measuring sizes, angles, surface areas, volumes, ..., or determining bubble rise speeds or monitoring habitat changes over time and so on. I am interested in novel approaches of machine vision and machine learning, optical models for underwater light propagation, pattern recognition, photogrammetry and robotics.


Tel.: +49 431-600-2571

Research activities

All‐in‐focus: Combining lightfields and shadowgraphs for advanced underwater imaging