World Ocean Review (WOR)

Report on the State of the World‘s Oceans

The "World Ocean Review" (WOR) is a comprehensive and in-depth report that elaborates on the state of the world's oceans and the interactions between the ocean and ecological, economic and socio-political conditions.

The scientifically validated knowledge is intended to serve all those who want to participate actively and substantially in the current discussions in the field of marine research.


The "World Ocean Review" is not sold, it is distributed free of charge. There is no intention of making a profit. It is available at

The first WOR "Living with the oceans. A report on the state of the world's oceans", was published in November 2010. The following WOR II entitled "The Future of Fish - The Fisheries of the Future" was published in 2013. In 2014 the third edition of the WOR entitled "Marine Resources - Opportunities and Risks" was published. "Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work" is the fourth WOR, which was officially presented in Berlin in November 2015. The fifth WOR "Coasts – A Vital Habitat Under Pressure" explores the coastal habitat and the diverse expectations upon this habitat.

The WOR 6 "The Polar Regions - The End of the Eternal Ice" focuses on the dramatic climate-induced changes in the Arctic and Antarctic and their far-reaching consequences for humans and the environment. The seventh edition of the WOR focuses on the effects of climate change on the physics of the ocean and on its biotic communities; the consequences of fishing, shipping, resource extraction, energy production, and marine pollution; and the questions of how active substances from the ocean can be used and how the ocean can be managed in the future in such a way that both its protection and the participation of as many people as possible in its services and goods are ensured.