10th Kiel Marketplace – Ocean Observation: Making its way to a World Data Centre?

The 10th Kiel Marketplace took place on June 18th 2013 in Kiel’s Landeshaus. This event, organized by the Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean together with the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany, has now established itself as a platform for knowledge transfer and networking between science, industry, politics and organizations.


Following the greetings by the Secretary of State Rolf Fischer (Ministry for Education and Science Schleswig Holstein) and Dr. Euler (Ministry for Economy, Labor, Transport and Technology Schleswig Holstein), the event was moderated by Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck and Dr. Niko von Bosse.

With increasing anthropogenic influences, global ocean observation is quickly growing in importance. The current available information on the state of the marine environment is often not satisfactory. The Kiel Marketplace presented current developments in ocean observation, the handling of observation data as well as the integrated sensor development.