Aquaculture 4.0 - sustainable and innovative

On 11.09.2018, the 19th Kiel marketplace took place as part of the Digitale Woche Kiel at the Wissenschaftszentrum Kiel. In cooperation with the Maritimen Cluster Norddeutschland (Maritime Cluster Northern Germany), the Aquaculture Competence Network (KNAQ) and the Bundesverband Aquakultur (Federal Aquaculture Association), the Cluster of Excellence "Ocean of the Future" presented the marketplace as part of the Semestertopic Sustainable Aquaculture: "Aquaculture 4.0 - sustainable and innovative"


Aquaculture already secures about 50% of the global diet of fish and shellfish. Challenges posed by a growing world population, changing dietary habits and climate change call for further development of traditional modes of production. Solutions from digitization and the digital economy can increase the innovative power of aquaculture and increase efficiency, but also increase consumer acceptance, through more careful use of natural resources, more animal welfare and better control. Within the framework of this Kiel marketplace, we are discussing interdisciplinary examples and current challenges with experts in three selected subject areas with the aim of identifying systemically adapted solutions.

The participants of the event were invited to continue with the organizers of this event, the innovation dialogue beyond the event and to contribute to the development of future solutions, products and services for sustainable, digitized aquaculture.

Objectives of the event:

  • Positioning aquaculture in all its diversity as a highly innovative future technology
  • Describing digitization potential and digitization wishes along the entire value chain
  • Collection and discussion of possible solutions and possibilities for cooperation, appointment of follow-up appointments, and recommendations to politicians, industry and science