8th Kiel Marketplace - Ammunition in the Sea

Ammunition and other weapons enter the sea at different times and in different ways. Especially during and after the Second World War, large amounts of containers filled with dangerous substances were thrown into German waters. In German territorial waters alone, at least 1.6 million tons of conventional and more than 5000 tons of chemical weapons are suspected. This is the result of an 1100 page long report by the Bund/Länder-work group initiated by Schleswig-Holstein (www.munition-im-meer.de).


Due to the increasing use of the sea bed such as the construction of offshore plants, pipelines or the installation of ship routes, this problem is gaining in importance.

The 8th Kiel Marketplace discusses the issue of Ammunition in the Sea, starting with an estimation of the ammunition quantity, followed by an illustration of the toxicological aspects. State of the art technologies used to locate, analyze and recover as well as the commercial opportunities are then presented. Finally the topic is placed in the context of European and federal perspectives and funding politics are explained.