Press reports

Climate Engineering: Recent findings and open questions

06. July 2015

Scientific symposium in Berlin shows current state and possibilities of CE research

Climate change is progressing. On the international climate change policy scene propositions to counter climate change with large-scale measures, so-called Climate …

Does climate change lead to Super El Niños?

29. June 2015

Kiel researchers present study on Pacific climate phenomenon

The El Niño phenomenon represents a warming of the tropical Pacific, recurring every two to seven years, with global climatic impacts. According to a study by scientists at the GEOMAR …

Kiel’s Research Vessel LITTORINA turns 40

29. June 2015

An indispensable work horse of the research fleet celebrates its jubilee

Forty years ago, on the 27th of June 1975, the research cutter LITTORINA was put into service. She is still an indispensable work and training platform for Kiel marine science. …

The Southeast Pacific produces more nitrous oxide than previously thought

23. June 2015

Kiel marine scientists publish new data on greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to carbon dioxide there are plenty of other greenhouse gases. Nitrous oxide is one of them. However, a global assessment of emissions from the oceans is difficult because …

The Challenge of Climate Change

10. June 2015

German Climate Consortium identifies perspectives for climate research up to 2025

Professor Mojib Latif, climate researcher and meteorologist, Professor Gernot Klepper, environmental economist, the political scientist Dr. Silke Beck and DKK chief …

Improved Observations to Better Understand the Atlantic

09. June 2015

The EU large scale research project AtlantOS aims to advance Atlantic ocean observation to become more integrated, more efficient and more sustainable.

AtlantOS, one of the largest and most ambitious marine research projects of recent decades has …

“Future Ocean Dialogue”at the Kiel Week 2015

04. June 2015

For the first time at the Kiel Week

The Exhibition “Future Ocean Dialogue“ of the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre For Ocean Research Kiel can be seen for the first time at the Kiel Week this year. …

Scientific networking at a research hotspot

21. May 2015

International science symposium and summer school held in Cape Verde

An international symposium and summer school in marine science currently held in Mindelo, Cape Verde, mark the outstanding cooperation between the Instituto Nacional de …

Indian Ocean "hides" Global Warming

21. May 2015

Marine scientists proof additional heat uptake during the past decades

Why has the global temperature rise paused during the past two decades? A team of scientists from the US and the German GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel was able to …

“How Microorganisms Slow Down Ships“- Prof. Michael Grunze, University Heidelberg

20. May 2015

Public marine sciences lecture series on the importance of microscopically small boundary layers in the ocean and of microorganisms

Mussels, algae and barnacles grow on stones and other surfaces in the sea. If you have ever tried to remove them, you …