Press reports

Networking in times of the Corona pandemic

25. January 2021

New Friday event series for researchers of the Future Ocean network

In times of pandemic, personal scientific exchange suffers especially for researchers in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary networks. A new digital event series is intended to …

On the trail of active ingredients from marine yeasts

20. January 2021

Red yeast from deep-sea sediment shows anticancer and antibacterial properties

Numerous natural products are awaiting discovery in all kinds of natural habitats. Especially microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi are able to produce diverse natural …

Workshop series with the University of Gothenburg (Center for Sea and Society)

15. January 2021

Topic-specific expert exchange with short presentations

The regular exchange between researchers from Kiel Marine Science (KMS) and the Future Ocean Network with the University of Gothenburg (UGOT), which has been ongoing since the end of 2019, has …

New insights into the world of gelatinous plankton

14. December 2020

Study shows species diversity and distribution in relation to an expanding oxygen minimum zone

Little is known about the life of jellyfish and other representatives of gelatinous plankton in the open ocean. Scientists at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre …

Research at the interface between Ocean and Society

27. November 2020

The new Center for Ocean and Society at Kiel University focuses on transdisciplinary marine research

With the ceremonial opening of the Center for Ocean and Society (CeOS) on Friday, November 27th, marine and coastal research at Kiel University (CAU) …

Farewell to JAGO

24. November 2020

Research submersible of GEOMAR will be decommissioned in 2021

For more than 30 years, scientists have explored lakes, seas and oceans with Germany's only manned research submersible JAGO. Next year, the submersible based at the GEOMAR Helmholtz …

Life cycle of moon jellyfish depends on the microbiome

24. November 2020

Research team at Kiel University uses Aurelia aurita as an example to demonstrate the relationship between microbial colonization and reproduction in marine cnidarians

The body tissue of all multicellular living beings is colonized by an unimaginably …

No offspring for cod and herring

13. October 2020

Scientists alerted: Fish stocks in the western Baltic Sea threatened by collapse

Scientists of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, together with several professional fishermen, have conducted studies on the status and spawning …

"Our world is the ocean"

01. October 2020

Professor Katja Matthes takes over the leadership of GEOMAR

Climate researcher Professor Dr. Katja Matthes took over the scientific leadership of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel on 1 October. Today, during the official handover …

Deep drilling in Europe's oldest and most species-rich lake provides new insights into evolution

30. September 2020

Geophysicists from Kiel University involved in international study on Lake Ohrid

The older and more stable an ecosystem is, the longer lived its species and the more stable the species communities are. An international research team led by the …