Press reports

Barium Isotopes – a Path into the Past

16. July 2013

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports research stay of Dr. Zhimian Cao at GEOMAR

Exploring new avenues of research is risky business. It may, or may not, lead you down a dead-end street, an unknown path. Dr. Zhimian Cao of Xiamen University …

Kiel University Wins with a Convincing Strategy for International Alumni Work

09. July 2013

30,000 Euros in prize money from the competition “Researcher Alumni Strategies”

The decision on the winners in the “Researcher Alumni Strategies” competition of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is in. Kiel University (CAU) is …

TOSST is coming

20. June 2013

Coordinator of Canadian HOSST partner program visits GEOMAR

Since October 2012 eleven scholarship holders from the “Helmholtz Graduate School Ocean System Science and Technology” (HOSST) have been working on their doctorates at GEOMAR …

How important is Biodiversity?

07. June 2013

GEOMAR coordinates large scale EU project on biodiversity research in the Baltic

The importance of species variety for the ecosystem at land has long been acknowledged. How important, however, is biological variety for marine biocoenoses? From now on …

How Fast Does the Chemical State of the Ocean React to Climate Change?

06. June 2013

Researchers of the Collaborative Research Centre 754 in Kiel contribute to the first global study on the nitrogen cycle in the ocean

Without nitrogen life in the sea would not be possible. The bonding and releasing of nitrogen in the world oceans is …

Fast-sinking jellyfish could boost the oceans’ uptake of carbon dioxide

28. May 2013

Experiments show high sinking speed for dead gelatinous plankton species

How much more carbon dioxide (CO2) will the oceans be able to take up? To find out more about the efficiency of this service, scientists estimate the sinking velocities of …

Ranga Yogeshwar receives the maritime award “Meerespreis 2013”

21. May 2013

Renowned scientific journalist is honored at GEOMAR Kiel

Discovering, understanding and explaining complicated things simply – this is the work of physicist and scientific journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. In this way he also communicates complex …

Korea in Kiel

08. May 2013

Delegation from the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology visit Kiel University

Kiel University continues to strengthen its relations to the Far East. Following a first visit by the Korean minister for reunification, researchers from Kiel …

International Cooperation in Climate and Marine Research

06. May 2013

CLIVAR scientific steering group convenes in Kiel

What variations is our climate subject to? What is the role of the ocean in the climate system? How will the climate change in future? The international CLIVAR Programme (Climate Variability and …

Can Climate Engineering Solve the Climate Problem?

19. April 2013

GEOMAR coordinates research program for evaluating industrial climate regulation

Spraying sulfur particles into the atmosphere or fertilizing the oceans with iron: numerous commercial measures for artificial climate regulation are currently in …