Press reports

New Publication: Assessing population growth in low-elevation coastal zones and the 100-year flood plain

13. March 2015

A global study by lead author Barbara Neumann from the Coastal Risks and Sea-Level Rise Research Group at Kiel University shows that the number of people living in low-lying coastal areas could more than double in the future, possibly reaching up …

Can We Use the Ocean in a Sustainable Way?

04. March 2015

In Kiel, marine scientists discuss strategies for responsible use of the ocean

From March 4- 6, 2015 more than 100 scientists from different disciplines, representatives of politics, society, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), as well as young …

Kids’ and students’ University Registers a New Record in Participation

27. February 2015

Kids’ university guides draw prizes for particularly regular participants

The kids’ and students‘ university at Kiel University, initiated by the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean“ seven years ago, has become an …

Via Laser into the Past of the Oceans

23. February 2015

GEOMAR researchers reconstruct pH values for the past 120 years in the North Pacific

Using cutting edge technologies experts of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel together with colleagues from the UK, Canada and the United States …

Open evening lecture on March 3rd: “World Heritage Oceans – Problems of our Seas and Solutions to Them”

13. February 2015

and poster presentation “Humans and the Ocean” from students of the Kiel School of Sustainability

On the eve of the “Ocean Sustainability Science Symposium” a special evening for Kiel’s public and interested students will take …

500 Million Years of Ocean History

03. February 2015

GEOMAR coordinates Eurpoean research and training project BASE-LINE Earth

The research project BASE-LINE Earth is dealing with the question of how the history of the ocean from the past 500 million years can be reconstructed with the help of calcite …

Warming of Southern Hemisphere Intensified Australian Monsoon

02. February 2015

After the end of the last ice age the Australian climate drastically changed

A research team from Kiel University together with colleagues from Bremen, Bad Gandersheim, China and Australia analyzed marine sediment cores off Australia’s …

Rapid end of the Green Sahara 8000 years ago

19. January 2015

Scientists discover possible link between climate change and human sedentarization

9,000 years ago most of the Sahara was not the ultra-arid desert as we know it today. Due to higher precipitation it was covered by large lakes and savannah that were …

Warming slows down oceanic carbon dioxide uptake

07. January 2015

Marine scientists discover new positive climate feedback

The ocean absorbs a large fraction of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere. A new study published recently in the international journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences …

SOLAS Open Science Conference 2015 at Kiel University

08. December 2014

The next SOLAS Open Science Conference will be held in Kiel, Germany 7 - 11 September 2015 at Kiel University. The Surface Ocean-Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) is an international and interdisciplinary research initiative that with its Open Science …