Press reports

RV METEOR closes a gap in the global atlas of trace metals

17. November 2015

GEOMAR researchers lead GEOTRACES expedition in the southeastern Atlantic

Dissolved trace elements such as iron, cadmium or copper are an important basis for marine life in the oceans. However these trace elements are invisible and very difficult to …

With “MARTEMIS“on the Scent of Ores

13. November 2015

GEOMAR researchers present new exploration techniques

Hydrothermal systems, also known as “black smokers”, are both interesting due to their their deposits of raw material as well as for understanding geological processes in the sea floor. But …

Sustainable Use of Our Oceans – Making Ideas Work

10. November 2015

maribus and the Kiel Cluster of Excellence »The Future Ocean« turn the spotlight on sustainability and the oceans in the new »World Ocean Review«, now in its fourth edition. In doing so, they make the link between sustainability theory and …

President Joachim Gauck Awards Prof. Mojib Latif the Environment Prize

09. November 2015

GEOMAR climate scientist awarded for his commitment to the protection of the seas

GEOMAR climate scientist Prof. Mojib Latif received the German Environment Award 2015 today in Essen, presented to him by president Joachim Gauck and parliamentarian …

"Marine noise" important for long-term predictions?

02. November 2015

Sustainable impact of daily fluctuations in the ocean on long-term climate variability in the North Pacific

Daily fluctuations of the sea surface temperature in the mid-latitudes have an impact on long-temporal variability in the atmosphere. This is …

Ocean Acidification – The Other CO2 Problem

29. October 2015

Marine scientists emphasize the significance of the oceans in the run-up to the World Climate Conference in Paris

Ambitious climate objectives and greenhouse gas reductions are necessary in order to ensure the future of our planet and the ocean. This …

Lecture Hall instead of Class Room: The Children’s University is Commencing its Eighth Semester

29. October 2015

Advanced sale of tickets has begun

On Wednesday November 11th at 4 pm, the Children’s University at Kiel University will begin its eighth semester. Young listeners between the ages of eight and twelve years can look forward to fascinating lectures …

Marine fungi contain promising anti-cancer compounds

27. October 2015

A Kiel-based research team has identified fungi genes that can develop anti-cancer compounds

To date, the ocean is one of our planet's least researched habitats. Researchers suspect that the seas and oceans hold an enormous knowledge potential and …

German Design Award Gold 2016 goes to the Interactive Scientific Poster

26. October 2015

The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design has received the internationally renowned design prize for the interactive digital poster on the communication of research topics of the Kiel Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”. …

Ralph W. Marsden Award for GEOMAR Geologist

20. October 2015

The Society of Economic Geologists honors Prof. Dr. Mark Hannington

How do mineral resource deposits form in the deep ocean? How large are these deposits? Will large scale deep-sea mining ever be economically sensible? These are the global questions …