Press reports

Addiction to the Sea – Aboard the MV Atlantic Companion

17. June 2016

Photographic Impressions of Life on Board a ConRo Ship, the MV Atlantic Companion, from the Perspective of a Young Kiel Artist

"Meersucht – An Bord der MV Atlantic Companion” (Addiction to the Sea - Aboard the MV Atlantic Companion) is an …

Germany Best at Implementing the Sustainable Development Goal on Oceans and Coasts

13. June 2016

A new study from Kiel assesses the success of European coastal states’ implementation of sustainable measures for the protection and use of the ocean

In September 2015, the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development was adopted at the UN …

Learn More about the Ocean

10. June 2016

Scientists in Kiel bring the science year "Seas and Oceans" to the Kiel Week

As part of the nationwide Science Year 2016 * 17 "Seas and Oceans" during the Kiel Week Kiel Marine Sciences is presenting the secrets of the oceans and challenges in …

Ocean Day 2016: On the trail of ocean currents, tsunamis, sperm whales and others

08. June 2016

400 Young Listeners at the Lecture Series in the Main Auditorium of Kiel University (CAU)

In five exciting lectures today Kiel scientists from the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" took students from grade 10 and up exploring. They talked …

Ocean Sampling Day - Kiel joins in on research

08. June 2016


They are, among others, the basis of the food chain, absorb carbon dioxide or decompose dead organic material – microorganisms play an important role in the ocean. But which microbes exist where in the …

Scientists from Kiel Use Official Stock Estimations for the Assessment of Fish Stocks

26. May 2016

In a current study, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” assessed the reliability of the MSC seal for Northern European fish stocks. The interdisciplinary study, which was published in the journal Marine Policy, was …

Blue Seal for Fish Products from Overfished Stocks Undermines the Credibility of the MSC

24. May 2016

New interdisciplinary study points out the limits of MSC-certification of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic

Many European fish stocks are said to be overfished or threatened by overfishing. The blue MSC seal on fish products is supposed to …

ScienceStation on the Topic “Seas and Oceans”: Tour Kicks off at Dresden Central Station

23. May 2016

Hands-on science in Germany’s train stations

The mobile hands-on exhibition ScienceStation has opened. From now on visitors can learn many interesting facts about the world of the oceans and seas between train and tram. The first stop of the tour …

Comfort zone of cold-water corals has always been thin

19. May 2016

GEOMAR researchers reconstruct the development of carbonate mounds off Ireland

As observational data show cold-water corals living off the west coast of Europe prefer a certain density layer of seawater as habitat. New research by …

Invasive Seaweed adopts a smart survival strategy

18. May 2016

Invasive seaweed adapts successfully to harmful bacterial pathogens

The red alga Gracilaria vermiculophylla has been listed among the 4 most potent invaders among the 114 algal species introduced to Europe. Originally coming from the East Asian coast …