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23. February 2023

New communication channels for Future Ocean network and FYORD Foster Young Researcher Development

Portrayal of the Future Ocean network's activities on the KMS (Kiel University) and partner websites — standalone website for FYORD, the joint program …

Sustainable Future for Coastal Fisheries in the Baltic Sea

21. February 2022

DAM project SpaCeParti relies on living labs to resolve conflicts of use

In the western Baltic Sea, coastal fisheries are closely linked to the economic development of coastal communities and the impacts of climate change with the increasing loss of …

An important role in times of change

26. January 2022

Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck becomes a member of the German Science and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftsrat)

Professor Dr. Martin Visbeck, Professor at Kiel University and head of the research unit Physical Oceanography at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre …

Climatic changes and overfishing depleted Baltic herring long before industrialisation

01. December 2021

Historical sources indicate that overfishing of the Baltic herring began over 500 years ago and continues to have an impact today

The collapse of the important herring fishery in the western Baltic Sea towards the end of the 16th century was the …

The Ocean as Bringer of Hope – combining conservation and use

23. November 2021

Current marine knowledge made understandable in the new World Ocean Review

More than ten years after the first edition of the World Ocean Review (WOR), maribus gGmbH and their scientific partners, the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the …

Recommendations for sustainable ocean observation and management

27. October 2021

New policy brief “Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge”

To better understand, protect, sustainably use the ocean and maintain its life-sustaining functions, reliable information about major processes and marine life is crucial. …

Maiden voyage tracking carbon dioxide in the ocean

01. October 2021

New sailing drone complements observation network in the tropical Atlantic

A signal-red autonomous small sailboat is currently cruising the tropical Atlantic to collect detailed information about carbon dioxide concentrations at the ocean surface. …

Kiel University successful with MARISPACE-X in the European GAIA-X Initiative

25. August 2021

Major project on digitalisation of the oceans among 16 consortia to win federal funding

Advancing digitalisation of the oceans with "MARISPACE-X: Smart Maritime Sensor Data Space X" – this is the goal of a consortium from science and industry. Kiel …

Groundwater resources off the coast of Malta

06. August 2021

Researchers discover fresh water in the Mediterranean Sea

There is enough water on our planet, but by far the largest part is salt water that is unsuitable as drinking water. Therefore, especially in dry regions of the earth, the search for new …

Coastal Ecosystems Worldwide: Billion-dollar Carbon Reservoirs

12. July 2021

Joint press release of ifW, GEOMAR and iDiv

Coastal ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, salt marshes and mangrove forests are valuable to humans in many ways. In particular, they store carbon - and do so with a much higher surface density than …