Press reports

Ocean eddy hunter as successor of Whale researcher

22. June 2021

New director at the helm of German Oceanographic Museum

The oceanographer Professor Burkard Baschek will take over as designated scientific director of the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund. He is successor of Dr. Harald Benke, who has worked …

Adventure and Marine Research

17. June 2021

Arved Fuchs and GEOMAR cooperate on the "OceanChange2021" expedition

Marine research often has something to do with adventure, because there is still a lot to discover in the world's oceans. The famous German adventurer Arved Fuchs' combines …

With bacteria against coral bleaching

07. May 2021

Probiotic approaches could protect corals against heat stress

Corals are the backbone of marine ecosystems in the tropics. They are threatened by rising water temperatures caused by global warming and they are among the first ecosystems worldwide …

Fluctuations in ocean currents modulate oxygen content at the equator

19. April 2021

Long-term observations reveal complex interrelationships

In large areas of the world's oceans, the oxygen content is decreasing, globally by about 2% in the last 60 years. Critical regions are in particular the tropical oceans due to their oxygen …

Microplastics hardly affect blue mussels

12. April 2021

Unique long-term experiment shows only few effects of artificial particles on filter feeders

Images of seabirds perishing with plastic fragments in their stomachs are disturbing. How much does plastic waste threaten life in the ocean? A general …

Ecological condition of the Eckernförde Bay is to be improved

07. April 2021

New project led by Kiel University develops practical solutions for the Baltic Sea region by 2030

In the Baltic Sea and thus also in the Eckernförde Bay, a good environmental status was to be achieved by 2020 - this is the requirement of the EU …

The gate between the deep ocean and the atmosphere is becoming more impermeable

24. March 2021

Nature study shows increasing thickness of the ocean surface mixed layer

The upper oceanic stratification is increasing due to global warming. This was expected and is no surprise. However, an international team of researchers with participation of …

A new view on plate tectonics

17. March 2021

Nature study finds transform faults play active role in shaping ocean floors

Along submarine mountain ranges, the mid-ocean ridges, forces from the Earth's interior push tectonic plates apart, forming new ocean floor and thus moving continents about. …

New factor in the carbon cycle of the Southern Ocean identified

09. February 2021

GEOMAR scientists show that besides iron, manganese can also limit the growth of photosynthesis-performing plankton

The Southern Ocean around Antarctica is one of the key regions for understanding the climate system. The photosynthesis-performing …

How dangerous are coastal and ocean island volcanoes?

01. February 2021

GEOMAR scientist Dr. Morelia Urlaub received a prestigious Starting Grant from the European Research Council to study volcanic flank collapses

Blasts, ash falls, lava flows – volcanic eruptions can cause tremendous damage. Ocean island volcanoes …