Press reports

“Dangers from the Ocean – How can we handle the risks and prepare for coastal change?”

10. April 2013

Public lecture series thursdays in the Audimax (CAU)

Super storms, storm floods, global sea level rise, floods or tsunamis resulting from earthquakes in the ocean: Extreme marine disasters are becoming more frequent. They affect not only local …

Gas Hydrate Research in the South China Sea

27. March 2013

German-Taiwanese Expedition with the Research Vessel SONNE starts on 30 March 2013

All around the world, states and companies are on the starting block to produce natural gas from gas hydrates in the seabed. At the same time many questions about this …

Oxygen Minimum Zones Are Growing

15. March 2013

Kiel’s Collaborative Research Centre 754 assess six expeditions in the Atlantic and Pacific

Two research vessels, two oceans and six expeditions: Between October 2012 and March 2013, the Collaborative Research Centre 754 from Kiel examined …

Has the race for ores from the deep sea begun?

15. March 2013

International experts from science, economics and civil society meet in Kiel

Whether smart phones, solar panels or electricity cables – nearly every technology uses metals. Up until now they have only been mined on the continents. Yet the world …

Do Microplastics harm Marine Organisms?

06. March 2013

The research and training program GAME begins its eleventh project

The growing quantity of plastic waste in the sea is a problem that applies to all oceans in equal measure. The research and training program GAME at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean …

maribus Publishes Fisheries Report "World Ocean Review 2"

21. February 2013

The "World Ocean Review 2 – The Future of Fish – The Fisheries of the Future" is the first comprehensive analysis of the state of the world's fisheries, the consequences for the global food supply and the ocean ecosystem. …

Powerful Internal Waves at the Peruvian Shelf

12. February 2013

Ocean researchers from Kiel document previously unobserved process off the coast of Peru

Scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel have been on a four week expedition on the research vessel METEOR off the coast of Peru. During …

Getting Closer to the Real Earth

08. February 2013

Dr. Marion Jegen named Honorary Lecturer for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Traveling into space has become nearly routine nowadays. Reaching deep into the centre of the earth is still impossible. Even the deepest scientific drillings only …

Ocean and Atmosphere – a Complicated Relationship

05. February 2013

The Ministry of Education and Research approves 6 million Euros for the third phase of SOPRAN

The interaction between ocean and atmosphere is extremely complex. Gases are constantly being exchanged between the air and the ocean and dust is carried …

When Science Meets Everyday Life

24. January 2013

In the Cluster of Excellence The Future Ocean, an interdisciplinary team of experts is researching sustainable fisheries management. The results are of particular interest for politics. …