Press reports

Top Scientists Explain Climate Change

12. October 2015

Online lecture of the German Climate Consortium (DKK) and WWF Germany with the participation of GEOMAR

For the first time, a German online lecture with free access deals with climate change and its consequences. It was jointly developed by WWF …

Renewal of the German Research Fleet

06. October 2015

Marine scientists welcome the planning for the POSEIDON and METEOR replacement

Following the commissioning of the research vessel SONNE at the end of 2014, the renewal of the German research fleet continues to receive additional support. …

Research network on ocean acidification on its final stretch

05. October 2015

BIOACID scientists team up for an integrated risk assessment

An in-depth assessment of possible impacts of ocean acidification on the environment, society and economy and the development of management options for decision makers are the primary goals …

A Breeze of Sea Air in Frankfurt

02. October 2015


From October 2nd to the 4th, the official festivities of the 25th anniversary of German unification will take place in Frankfurt am Main. The …

Prestigious Award presented to the Director of GEOMAR

01. October 2015

Prof. Dr. Peter Herzig is presented the Federal Cross of Merit by German Federal President Joachim Gauck

Today, the Director of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Prof. Dr. Peter Herzig, was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit 1st class …

GEOMAR-Biotech launched

01. October 2015

Marine Biotechnology at GEOMAR with new name and new directions

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel launches GEOMAR-Biotech (GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology), a state-of-the-art centre dedicated to marine biotechnology and …

Earthquake rupture halted by Seamounts

30. September 2015

German-Spanish team of geologists presents explanation for smaller than expected tremor during the April 2014 Iquique earthquake

Experts expected for some time that one of the next mega earthquakes occurs off northern Chile. But when the earth did …

Kieler Forschungswerkstatt’s pupil project wins Research Team 2015

24. September 2015

The online platform “Citizens Create Knowledge” awards the citizen science project “Tracking Plastic Waste” as best practice.

The citizen science platform “Citizens Create Knowledge” has awarded scientists, teachers and students of the …

New perspectives for long-term climate predictions?

17. September 2015

Long-term climate variability in the Northern Hemisphere linked to solar variations

The natural, 11-year cycle of solar activity is apparently influencing long-term climate fluctuations in the Northern Hemisphere. An international team of scientists …

Fascinating photo mosaic from the seafloor in 4000 m depth

15. September 2015

Expedition to manganese nodule fields in the eastern Pacific successfully concluded

What will be the ecological consequences of mining manganese nodules in the deep sea? The joint European project “Ecological Aspects of Deep-Sea Mining” wants to …