Press reports

Questions about Gadus morhua or Cod?

06. January 2017

FishBase, the world's largest information database, provides answers

More than half a million visitors are counted monthly on FishBase, the world's largest information portal for marine organisms. Researchers as well as the interested public use the …

Great success for Kieler Forschungswerkstatt

20. December 2016

Horizon 2020-project “Marine Mammals” obtains funding of almost two million Euros

To further increase young people's interest in natural science and to prevent shortage of specialists in the STEM area nine scientific educational and research …

Mega-Earthquakes fuel methane seeps at the seafloor

15. December 2016

GEOMAR researchers present new findings on the 2010 Chile earthquake

The strongest earthquakes occur below the seafloor. It has been assumed for a long time that they may create pathways for fluids from the sub-surface into the ocean. With …

A Drone for the Marine Sciences

13. December 2016

Future Ocean uses drone for trace gas measurements over surf zones

Coasts with strong surf pose a tremendous challenge to the marine sciences. The water is often too shallow for big research ships, and it is very difficult to deploy fragile measuring …

Scientists from Kiel warn against the Collapse of the Cod Stock in the Western Baltic Sea

06. December 2016


Experts from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean"from the areas …

Development of a new international network for integrative ocean research

01. December 2016

"The Future Ocean" welcomes 100 international experts for integrative ocean research for developing the scope for new international transdisciplinary ocean research activities in a workshop on 4-5 December 2016. …

Conundrum of missing iron in oxygen minimum zones solved

28. October 2016

International research team discovered important biogeochemical process in the ocean

Iron is an essential nutrient for biological productivity in the oceans. However, dissolved iron quickly combines with oxygen and is then no longer usable by …

Plain or marble cake?

27. October 2016

New insights into plate recycling on Earth

How long has plate tectonics been active on Earth? What happens to the old seafloor when it is recycled at the so-called subduction zones? Using samples from a small island in the Pacific, an international …

Ocean Science Centre Mindelo’ Takes Shape

17. October 2016

Shell for new marine scientific basis in Cabo Verde has been completed

After 20 months of construction, the cooperation partners GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas in Mindelo …

Ten Years of the Kiel Marketplace

14. October 2016

"From Science into Practice”

In the past ten years, the Kiel Marketplace – a forum for the exchange of scientific insights, innovations from the maritime industry and dialogue with politicians – has developed into a central networking and …