Press reports

Limiting Catches Results in Great Economic Benefits

12. September 2012

Kiel Economists and Fisheries Biologists Develop a New Concept for the Common Evaluation of 13 Commercially Fully Utilized European Fish Species

More than two thirds of all fish stocks worldwide are considered overfished or utilized to the …

North Atlantic Cooperation between Halifax and Kiel

10. September 2012

Kiel University and Dalhousie University are establishing a partnership and aim to strengthen international cooperation in the marine sciences

Kiel University and Dalhousie University would like to cooperate very closely in future. As part of its …

Second Phase for German Research Project on Ocean Acidification

05. September 2012

BIOACID II also looks at economic and social effects

The German joint project on ocean acidification research has reached the second phase: From September 2012 onwards, BIOACID (Biological Impacts of Ocean Acidification), incorporating 14 institutes, …

Kiel Summer School on Sustainable Fisheries

05. September 2012

From 3rd to 5th September more than 20 young European researchers are meeting to discuss new economic concepts for sustainable fisheries. …

How Climate Change and Sea Level Rise are Changing the Coasts

03. September 2012

How will the coasts develop further in future?

Leading coastal researchers from 24 countries around the globe are meeting in Kiel for an international symposium on coastal change. …

Are Methane Hydrates Dissolving?

10. August 2012

Examining gas outlets off the coast of Spitsbergen with the submersible JAGO

West of Spitsbergen methane gas is effervescing out of the seabed. Is this an indication that methane hydrates in the seabed are dissolving due to rising temperatures? And …

How much nitrogen is fixed in the ocean?

09. August 2012

Research study in “Nature” confirms improved method by marine scientists from Kiel

In order to predict how the Earth’s climate develops scientists have to know which gases and trace elements are naturally bound and released by the ocean …

First call for Future Ocean Postdoc Projects is now open

10. July 2012

The Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” hereby advertises a call for innovative postdoc research projects in marine and related disciplines. YOU can apply for a research project (including your salary for 2-5 years) related to the …

ICES-Representative Jörn Schmidt attends regional UN-workshop in Brussels

05. July 2012

In 2002, at the World Summit on Sustainable Development, heads of state who gathered in Johannesburg decided to put the ocean under permanent review. The UN’s shorthand name for the project—“Regular Process”—emphasizes the importance of …

Further Top Level Support for Kiel Marine Sciences

15. June 2012

Continuation of the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” granted

Today the federal Grants Committee for the Excellence Initiative approved a further five year funding period for the Kiel Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean”. …