Press reports

The Ocean - The Long-Term Memory of Our Climate System

07. April 2014

International expert meeting on ocean modeling in Kiel

The oceans are a vital component of our climate system. Nevertheless, they are often represented at a very limited resolution in today's climate models, and important physical processes are …

The Fine Line between Ecology and Economy

26. March 2014

EU politicians gathered information on fisheries management

A delegation of members of the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament visited GEOMAR to learn about the current issues in sustainable fisheries management. …

Corals track strongest Indian Ocean Current over 334 years

18. March 2014

Scientists from GEOMAR use corals as high-resolution temperature archive

Natural variations in the warming and cooling cycles of the globally important Agulhas ocean current core region have been revealed from Madagascar corals. A new study, led by …

Fragile food-web dependency of a critically endangered seabird

26. February 2014

GEOMAR scientist researches the feeding ecology of the New Zealand fairy tern

The New Zealand fairy tern is one of the world’s rarest seabirds. To enable its survival, not only its breeding sites, but also its feeding habitat and food sources …

Climate Engineering: minor potential, major side effects

25. February 2014

GEOMAR researchers show the limitations and side effects of large-scale climate intervention

With global greenhouse gas emissions continuing to increase, proposals to limit the effects of climate change through the large-scale manipulation of the …

Resources from the Sea - Can the ocean solve the resource problems of the future?

20. February 2014

In “World Ocean Review 3”, maribus has published a profound analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the use of the oceans.

The hunger of mankind for raw materials continues unabated. Oil consumption has doubled since the early …

Deep Sea Organisms – Rare Life at GEOMAR

10. February 2014

First-time cultivation of mussels from hydrothermal vents by Kiel marine biologists

There are still many puzzles in deep water ecosystems that scientists are trying to solve. These systems are extremely difficult to investigate, and it takes a lot of …

Acidifying the Atlantic

03. February 2014

First field experiment on The effects of ocean acidification in open ocean ecosystems starts at Gran Canaria

For the first time, an international team of 70 marine scientists is investigating the impacts of ocean acidification on pelagic ecosystems. …

What is the Future of Global Governance of the Oceans? Possible contributions from Germany

29. January 2014

The Sustainability Summit Rio+20 clearly showed that the global community is at a turning point regarding marine protection. More than 40% of the seas are considered strongly influenced by humans. A fundamental change in the handling of the seas …

Remember Darwin!

28. January 2014

Evolutionary adaptation might alter species’ reactions to ocean acidification

Evolutionary adaptation to ocean acidification has to be taken into account when projecting the future of marine ecosystems, says a team of scientists from Canada, …