Press reports

Some marine organisms on the seafloor thrive in corrosive seawater

08. August 2016

The sea floor is a habitat especially rich in species that produce calcium carbonate shells or skeletons – so-called marine calcifiers. Sea urchins, sea stars, coralline algae, crustaceans, and numerous mollusks, such as mussels, find their home …

The Search for the Earthquake’s Nucleus

02. August 2016

Do calciferous sediments create weak points in seismogenic zones?

Many severe earthquakes occur at points where one tectonic plate sinks under another, at so-called subduction zones at ocean margins. Especially quakes at shallow depths often result …

Phantom Habitats in the Deep-Sea

28. July 2016

International group of researchers identifies connections between ecosystems at “black smokers”

Deep-sea hot springs, or hydrothermal vents, provide habitats for specialized communities of animal species. As these systems are often separated by …

Middle atmosphere in sync with the ocean

26. July 2016

Relationship between decadal variations in temperatures in the Pacific and the tropopause identified

In the late 20th century scientists observed a cooling at the transition between the troposphere and stratosphere at an altitude of about 15 …

How small marine particles affect our climate

20. July 2016

Scientists investigate the composition of the sea-surface microlayer of melting ice

When sea ice melts a thin biofilm layer is left on the sea surface. The air-sea interface is important as it provides a direct link between the ocean and the …

Chile: On the Track of Aftershocks

15. July 2016


Many questions on the development and distribution of earthquakes are still unresolved. In order to answer them in a better way, researchers collect, among other things, as …

Ocean acidification – the limits of adaptation

11. July 2016

World’s longest laboratory experiment with the single-celled calcifying alga Emiliania huxleyi reveals that evolutionary adaptation to acidification is restricted

The most abundant single-celled calcifying alga of the world's oceans, Emiliania …

Experts on the Atlantic Meet in Kiel

30. June 2016

160 participants at the second annual meeting of the European project AtlantOS

More than 160 scientists from all over Europe as well as from partner countries in North America, South America and Africa are meeting this week in Kiel for the second …

Siamese Twins in Pipefish

22. June 2016

GEOMAR researchers discover two pairs in one experiment

Scientists at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel have made a very unusual discovery. During a scientific experiment with pipefish they discovered two Siamese twin pairs. Such …

Breathing space for the Gulf Stream

20. June 2016

Scientists calculate the fate of the Greenland meltwater

The salinity of the waters around Greenland plays an important role in driving the Gulf Stream. There are concerns that a progressive freshening by the increasing ice losses from the Greenland …