Press reports

Between the Ocean and the Atmosphere

09. September 2015

International Conference of the Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) in Kiel

From September 7 – 11 more than 250 scientists from 35 countries are meeting at the Open Science Conference of the Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study in Kiel …

Economic Development Drives World-Wide Overfishing

08. September 2015

Kiel researchers have demonstrated: Only sustainable management can prevent the future collapse of wild stocks; an expansion of aquaculture has only a limited effect.

Stocks of wild fish cannot be protected from overfishing in the long term by the …

Where is MH370?

01. September 2015

Simulations by oceanographers from Kiel provide further insights into the possible location of the crash

For the past 16 months extensive search has been underway for the missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines (MH370) in the Indian Ocean. After a …

Tracking our Climate’s History

21. August 2015

Kiel marine scientists explore the Labrador Sea between Greenland and Canada with the research ship Maria S. Merian

A 2500 mile route, more than 250 meters of sediment cores and a still unknown amount of data: In the last three weeks the …

Greenhouse gases’ millennia-long ocean legacy

13. August 2015

Computer models question artificial carbon dioxide removal strategies

Potsdam, Stanford. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities do not only cause rapid warming of the seas, but also ocean acidification at an unprecedented rate. Artificial …

Twin volcanic chains above a single hotspot with distinct roots

31. July 2015

Scientists from Kiel find explanation for geochemically distinct parallel tracks of volcanoes formed by the same volcanic hotspot

Many processes inside the earth are still enigmatic. One of the open questions is how neighboring chains of volcanoes, …

Discovery of a large hot vent site in the Gulf of California

29. July 2015

Fascinating results of cruise SO241 with Germany’s new research vessel SONNE

Germany’s new deep-sea research vessel SONNE is currently sailing in the Gulf of California in the search for carbon release related to volcanic systems. Now the …

Tracking winners and losers of ocean acidification

29. July 2015

Mesocosm experiment in Norway successfully finished

21 July 2015 / Bergen, Kiel. In a two-months long experiment in Norway, scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel investigated how ocean acidification affects the plankton …

Exceptionally rapid onset of coastal upwelling offshore Peru

27. July 2015

Kiel marine scientists find significant changes in the eastern Pacific during the past 10,000 years

The coastal upwelling of cold and nutrient-rich waters off Peru and Ecuador is significant not only for the regional fishing industry, but also for …

FS ALKOR: 25 Years in Service of Science

09. July 2015

The youngest ship in the Kiel research fleet celebrates its jubilee

She spends 290 days a year at sea. There the ALKOR serves as a research platform for scientists from Germany and abroad who explore the climate, study marine animals, observe …