Press reports

DAAD-Science Tour 2014 Visits Kiel

02. December 2014

On the 2nd of December, Kiel’s Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” and Kiel University were the hosts, in the framework of the DAAD-Science Tour, for 26 international scientists interested in cutting edge research in Germany. …

Bladderwrack: Tougher than suspected

31. October 2014

GEOMAR biologists show a functioning defense system in Fucus vesiculosus despite environmental changes

The bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus is actually one of the most important species of brown algae along the North Atlantic coasts. But for years …

Sea turtles’ first days of life: A sprint and a ride towards safety

23. October 2014

Scientists follow hatchlings from Cape Verde with tiny acoustic transmitters

With new nano-sized acoustic transmitters, scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the Turtle Foundation and Queen Mary University of London were …

ICES Merit Award for the best poster presentation goes to Kiel University

24. September 2014

Rudi Voss of Kiel University, Germany and his colleagues Martin F. Quaas, Jörn O. Schmidt, and Lorena Fricke were presented with a merit award for the best poster presentation during the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) …

Coastal Cleanup Day 2014 on Kiel’s coast

17. September 2014

On Saturday the Ocean Laboratory of the school lab “Kieler Forschungswerkstatt” together with volunteers from schools and associations will free 15 km of coastline from waste.

Saturday, 20th September is international Coastal Cleanup Day and …

Small algae with great potential

14. September 2014

Unique laboratory experiment shows rapid evolutionary adaptation to ocean acidification and warming

The single most important calcifying algae of the world’s oceans is able to simultaneously adapt to rising water temperatures and ocean …

Kiel University and the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” at the GAIN Conference in Boston

05. September 2014

The 14th annual GAIN conference will take place in Boston (USA) from September 5-7, 2014. GAIN stands for German Academic International Network and is the largest conference outside of Europe for young German scientists conducting research in the …

Red Dot Award for Interactive Scientific Poster

18. August 2014

The Muthesius Academy of Fine Art and Design has received the internationally renowned Red Dot design award with the additional distinction ``Best of the Best’’ for the interactive digital poster used to communicate research topics for …

Why so cold all of a sudden?

08. July 2014

First glider mission in the Baltic Sea provides new insights into the coastal upwelling in Bay of Eckernförde

Gliders are autonomous measuring probes collecting data for marine research in the open ocean on predetermined courses between the sea …

Translating the Blue

03. July 2014

In cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" at Kiel University and the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts the film essay "Translating the Blue" was developed by filmmaker and Muthesius Professor Stephan Sachs. …