Press reports

What's good for the oceans is good for humans

11. June 2020

Healthy oceans - important basis for many processes on Earth

The exploitation of planet Earth is no longer limited to terrestrial areas. Ruthless over-exploitation is also increasingly taking place in the marine realm. The ocean is being overfished, …

Plastic in the deep sea: Virtually unaltered after a quarter of a century

10. June 2020

First long-term study on plastic degradation in a water depth of more than 4000 meter

Even in the most remote regions of the oceans plastic debris can be found. But usually it is impossible to determine how long they have been lying on the seabed. Up …

Rainwater flushes microplastics into the Kiel Fjord

27. May 2020

First long-term study on microplastic distribution in surface water published

Tatters of shopping bags, lost bottle caps, empty handkerchief packs - the larger plastic garbage immediately catches the eye when lying on the beach or swimming in the …

Reduce ship emissions - but how?

13. May 2020

Transdisciplinary research project investigates effects of shipping

Ships are the most important means of transport in international trade. Researchers from the Kiel University and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel are investigating …

Leadership Change at GEOMAR

10. May 2020

Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes becomes the first Female Scientific Director of GEOMAR

The Board of Trustees of GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel unanimouslyappointed the meteorologist, Prof. Dr. Katja Matthes, as the new Scientific Director of …

Energy of the future: photosynthetic hydrogen from bacteria

03. May 2020

Kiel research team investigates how cyanobacteria can be transformed into hydrogen factories

The transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy supply is one of the most important global challenges of the 21st century. In order to achieve the …

When fathers are pregnant

12. April 2020

Immune system alteration identified as key process in the male pregnancy of pipefishes and seahorses

Reproduction is still one of the greatest mysteries in nature. Pregnancies are usually carried out by the female sex. Only in pipefishes and …

A sensational discovery: Traces of rainforests in West Antarctica

31. March 2020

Climate History: New study led by AWI and in cooperation with Kiel University provides unexpected evidence for exceptionally warm climate near the South Pole during the Cretaceous

An international team of researchers led by geoscientists from the …

Where is the plastic in the ocean?

29. March 2020

GEOMAR coordinates new JPI-Oceans project on the distribution of plastic waste in the ocean

It is well known that large quantities of plastic waste are transferred to our seas every year. Where they remain in the oceans is however largely unknown. …

Learn about the ocean from home

22. March 2020

Registration for the English-language online lecture series "One Planet - One Ocean: From Science to Solutions" possible at any time

Those who want, in times of retreat, to learn more about the ocean can register at any time for the free …